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Trip Around The Sun

by Manga Saint Hilare



Produced by Dj Target


I work, pattern & flex
Until its done & the pattern is set
I walk with god,She gives me powers & energy
I tackle the rest
I get strength in sprit for what i lack in the flesh
I feel like the fuckery is getting close
The devil is at it again,Trying to attack my defence.
I have a dream,So i cannot sleep
I feel like the vision is getting intense
Fuck the scene,From what I’ve seen
Its like a bag of them man are pretend
None of them would help me if i were to fall
So why would i smile & stand up with them
We do the same thing, but were not on the same vibe
Why would i try & keep up a pretence
None of them are helping water my garden
So i don’t need no one on the fence
Health is wealth & i’m trying to protect my energy,At any expense
A lot of them try take love for fashion,Its gone when you’re not the trend
I’m not angry,I’m not bitter just know that you can’t call everyone friend.
Thats why i roll with family more
Get shown bare love when man are on tour
Its not just been online & indoors
Sleep less so i can do more
I can’t let them down i feel forced
To show them it wasn’t all for nothing
i’m going to make it,i’ll make sure
Raw,them can’t see me anymore
two sold out shows,No tickets on the door
The venues ram,Cant fit in anymore
me & the fans are building a repor
They’re singing all the songs in the tees that they brought
It brought tears to my eyes,I had my head to the floor
I’m thankful & forever humble
No one man can ask for anymore
What goes around comes back,universal law
observe energy when a man don’t talk
they’re giving off vibes that i can’t ignore
Smiling up but they can’t hide their sprit
i wont be fooled by someones decor
I’m trying to connect to the source
These other lickle man are spitting about sauce
Battling with myself to win wars
unlearn all these lies I’ve been told
nearly lost myself i got caught..
up in a lot of these things i weren’t for
i’m not perfect i make mistakes
I’ve got fears,Ive got flaws.
I fell i learnt & I grew,Came back stronger than before
I’m sorry for certain things that i’ve done
Try not to let who i was, affect the man i become
I don’t want no hate in my heart
I only talk up tings that i love
I still need room to grow
I can’t learn these things all at once
I’m taking each day as it comes,whats the rush?
Its all part of the process youve got to trust
I’ve been around the world some man have only been to cunch
So i’m happy that i got another trip around the Sun.


released July 1, 2018


all rights reserved



Manga Saint Hilare London, UK

The long-standing grime heavy hitter is known amongst his peers as one of the best and most consistent lyricists in the scene. Since Roll Deep ceased recording as a collective, Manga pursued a forward-thinking sound under a newly adopted identity: Manga Saint Hilare. 

Less braggadocios and explicit, more thought provoking and vulnerable - Manga's lyrics carry a powerful message.
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