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Fire In The Booth Part 1

by Manga Saint Hilare



I gotta make sure my energy is correct
All the fake love is messing with my head
I’ve gotta move steady when I step
Look who’s still here?
Yeah,they never would of guessed
The last one in & yet I’m the last one left
I’m king teki in the flesh
I feel like I’m in hell,like I took a breath
But mi nuh watch nothing
Gods on my side
& trust,She don’t sleep or rest
Since 16 I’ve had nang 32’s
Ahh yeahhh
So all the payments ballooned
Ahhh yeahh
Them man do a couple of tunes
& think they’re the dude
& start screaming,it’s our year
I don’t rely on the views
I just Pattern & move
And that’s why Man is still here
While they say yes,like Floetry
But me,I move iffy..I’m picky like my hair
I can’t say yes to everything
Because I’m a movement like Ghetts & Devlin
And I’m moving,the best I’ve ever been
In the music in finnesing everything
The pressure has never been
Affecting anything
These man are losing because they beg for relevance
They ain't doing nothing fresh or anything
They’re tricking the yutes dem
With extra decadence
It’s bait..it’s evident
But them man ain’t real
We know the drill
Just like I’m spitting with a bally on the set
And I know some shottas
Who’s got a belly on their neck
& that’s why they keep an arm by their leg
But I get my dough,with expensive flows
That will cost Man an arm & a leg
They said that they’re sick,but I can’t tell
Like all informer fi dead
You can’t run from the truth
I run in,dump then I move
I’ve got an optmized view
Them man are dead,like they lost their lives
Goons,who think they got the right moves
And I’m not surprised who’s been tricking theee lost deprived yutes
They’re not the right muse
You can’t just adopt a life
You can’t just doctor lies
You must supply proof
Let me talk to these yutes in French
Salute,Com me ta pel tu?
Who me?
I’m as hard as it gets...skadoosh
That’s why I’ve never been deux
These man are getting High on the charts
But they’re not saying a rarse
Is that substance abuse?
They ain’t respecting the art
I can’t tell them apart..wait which one are you?
It’s like the scenes in trouble
They got singles that are doubles
They said they got deep tunes
But they’re as shallow as puddles
These man have got slag bars..they’re all saying fuck all
Just relying on their features..
So what are these man models
It’s get trying & tedious
Don’t you feel stupid repeating it
Taking the supporters for some ediots
No logic & you can’t hold a reasoning
Running in some fruity loops
I hope you drown in the channel that you’re speaking in
And they’re all gassed of the sauce
But they got the right ingredients
I’ve done a bag of shows
Shot a bag of merch i was riding this wave
Like say man is burse
Flying in these planes
I’ve been around the world
I’ve got dons in OZ who know man merks
I was better off in the long run,Mo Farah..word
I was getting my songs done
You know mana work
And now it’s like everybody knows my lines
Oi Charlie,Ave a word
While they were all claiming they’re on dirt
I was cleaning up around the outskirts
Out here with all type of outbursts
And I went in,becuase I went without first
I was the grime kid,before there were grime kids
Go ask who did it first
I’m not over excited I just need to remind them
I’m certified & confirmed


Produced by Ten Billion.


all rights reserved



Manga Saint Hilare London, UK

The long-standing grime heavy hitter is known amongst his peers as one of the best and most consistent lyricists in the scene. Since Roll Deep ceased recording as a collective, Manga pursued a forward-thinking sound under a newly adopted identity: Manga Saint Hilare. 

Less braggadocios and explicit, more thought provoking and vulnerable - Manga's lyrics carry a powerful message.
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