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Activated Remix ft Roachee, Snowy & Logan OLM

by Manga Saint Hilare



Back outside & im activated

This one better get slapped on playlists
You’ve heard my story
come on
Dont be racist
We’ve been outside we’ve had to smack some faces
Nowadays we just want to grab some wages
But its still a well known fact im dangerous
My friend saw me & said a stank of flavours
Look cuz this aint back in the 80’s
Man better be up on there best behaviours
I bet they cant believe im back again cuz
& im still ind of hot like Barbados
Incoming yeah I just crashed the spaceship
From another planet because the flats were vacant
Halal bangers & mashed potatoes
I grew up with the whites black & asians
I went from enchased back to basic
Thank the most high I made it out of the cages

Back outside & im activated
Do my works & stack the payments
Life weren’t good
I had to change it
So im back outside & im activated

You know me
From long time cant hang with pagans
Feds ask me
I aint gang related
But of course ive got gang relations
Get done freeze if aggravated
Im the best which man debated
She likes me coz im activated
Sent me a pic where she masterbated
By any means get your hands on papers
How many times did you hang with satan
I was out there putting hands on pagans
Think that your bad but you mans just faking
Word on the curb you ran to bacon
I thought you man dem were active
All these rappers some catfish
I cant stand it sir just laugh quick
Active.. gang shit

Back outside & im activated
Do my works & stack the payments
Life weren’t good
I had to change it
So im back outside & im activated

A what do dem deh?
edait we nah watch dem deh
All of dem deh
All of them have a bag of chat
But watch its we that will end it
Why dem ah floss so much
Why dem ah talk
Why dem ah act so much
Why dem ah chat
Why dem ah brag so much
Why dem ah gwarn like the run tings so much
A what do dem?
Them aft move up when me come through
Afi make sure they know pattern when we come through
Mi nah want to see no dead weight when me come through
That’s standard
Set after set
That’s standard
Studio 24/7 that’s standard
This the big soundboy Logan
New generation boss been branded

Back outside & im activated
Do my works & stack the payments
Life weren’t good
I had to change it
So im back outside & im activated

My flows so solid like a wrote rap dis
Pick any pocket I don’t need practice
On point im overly active
Im not one of them had hits
I have hits
Bigger than a little buzz this aint haptics
I kept it 100 all of the time
They give it 20% like they pay taxes
Vat ting sad ting
Them man deh acting
But aint playing their part
They haven’t adapted
How can they be king of this & king of that
With no new lines like old actors
Heathrow Gatwick
London standsted
Put me anywhere on this whole atlas
I’ve be there doing my ting
Dumping doing a madness

back outside & I’m activated
Do my works & stack the payments
Life wern’t good
So I had to change it
Fixed up
Went back to basics just us now
No time for strangers
Heard the haters
Swerve the pagans
Them meedy man can’t stand the greatness
Can’t dim the glow & that’s the main ting
Got one chance so I have to take it
So I’m back outside & I’m activated


released February 10, 2022
Produced by Lewi B
Mixed & Mastered by Freeza Chin


all rights reserved



Manga Saint Hilare London, UK

The long-standing grime heavy hitter is known amongst his peers as one of the best and most consistent lyricists in the scene. Since Roll Deep ceased recording as a collective, Manga pursued a forward-thinking sound under a newly adopted identity: Manga Saint Hilare. 

Less braggadocios and explicit, more thought provoking and vulnerable - Manga's lyrics carry a powerful message.
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